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25 JULY 2013
The final stage and grand reception It was hard to sleep the night before the final ride of my 14 day journey. I had experienced so much in the last thirteen days, things I would otherwise never have seen, touched, smelled or heard. And now it was almost ... » Read more
Rounded Rectangle
Rounded Rectangle
20 JULY 2013
Hill climbing paradise Unlike yesterday, today I was mentally prepared for what lay ahead of me on this shortest of all stages. There were some major climbs on the route, and I was actually looking forward to them. In fact ... » Read more
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19 JULY 2013
Caught completely off guard I had mentally prepared myself for todays ride to be relatively easy-going. I had the end in sight and thought I could glide through todays ride like a hot knife cutting through butter. But boy was I wrong. The ... » Read more
18 JULY 2013
17 JULY 2013
17 JULY 2013
16 JULY 2013
16 JULY 2013
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14 JULY 2013
13 JULY 2013
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04 JULY 2013
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