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Aside from those two toughest hills the route was loaded with ups and downs, and I managed to get a top speed of just 76 km/h. It sounds pretty dangerous after the ride, but when I am on the bike it just feels great and it doesnt seem quite that fast. These downhills are what make the uphills worthwhile, although today in a couple of instances I could not take full advantage of them. In these cases the condition of the road was so bad I would have risked parts of my bike breaking off on the way down. Reaching Drolshagen was a great feeling - now there is only one day left to go. Tomorrow the adventure will end with the final destination reached - Dusseldorf.
Day 13 - Hill climbing paradise Posted on July 20, 2013 Unlike yesterday, today I was mentally prepared for what lay ahead of me on this shortest of all stages. There were some major climbs on the route, and I was actually looking forward to them. In fact, there were two category 4 climbs, and two category 3 climbs. The first one started at km 16, and was the toughest of them all. It was 2.5 km long and had a 10% grade. I could not make it all the way to the top without stopping, it was simply too tough. After puffing and panting for a couple of minutes about of the way up I managed to get started again and make it to the top. The second category 3 climb was much better, only 5% grade, but 4.5 km in length. It was much “easier” compared with the first.
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