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The rest of the ride went without incident, but I was not feeling fit anymore, and the ride simply never seemed to end. Finally I reached the city of Marburg, which is absolutely stunning, filled with old Fachwerk houses built next to each other on very hilly terrain. It is like looking back a few hundred years. Heading out of Marburg was a hill that seemed like a mountain, 1.5 km of non-stop uphill 8 degree climbing. A few km after that and Elnhausen was finally reached. It wa a day that was more mentally tiring than the others, as it was not what I expected at all. I will double-check whats coming tomorrow!
Day 12 - Caught completely off guard Posted on July 19, 2013 I had mentally prepared myself for todays ride to be relatively easy-going. I had the end in sight and thought I could glide through todays ride like a hot knife cutting through butter. But boy was I wrong. The start out of Bad Neustadt was as I expected - a long slow uphill, and the bicycle paths in were in pristine condition. It was like riding through the forest, although the main road was only meters alongside me. It was spectacular. Until the bicycle path suddenly ended, and the accompanying main road I needed to get on to turned into a “Kraftfahrstrasse” - A fancy word that means NO BICYCLES. I took a look at the map on my bike computer and headed off a tangent to the road I should have been on, with my sights set on a small town close by, which had another road leading to what looked like a bicycle path right alongside the road I needed to be on. I reached the town, found the bike path, only to find out it turned into a gravel road after a couple of hundred meters. I had to double back and find another way. All this time my bike computer was not updating my current position, so the GPS mapping function was useless. Not to mention that all this was taking place at uphill angles. I managed to get on a bit, and found out that the road I needed to be on had turned into one that allowed cyclists again, so all looked good. And then my bike computer completely crashed on me. Luckily it worked fine after the restart. By this time I had ridden an extra 10 km just trying to get back on track.
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