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Tomorrow the route has 145 km, and I kept the last two days planned at around 100 km each, because I figured there wouldnt be too much energy left in me. I am pretty excited, and with only three days to go I am confident I will make to Duesseldorf as planned.
Day 11 - Bye bye Bayreuth Posted on July 18, 2013 Today was probably the most uneventful day of the tour so far. It was simply a matter of putting the feet to the pedals churning them around and around. The course was just under 140 km long from Bayreuth to Bad Neustadt an der Saale. There was a tough climb near the beginning, and another one just before the end, and I can sense that my legs are losing power after all these days of pedalling without rest in between. I was cycling up one hill today and a man in his late 40s passed me on his regular bicycle. He smiled and muttered something to me and continued on his way. It made me realise how slow I was going. But I dont mind of course, I am happy just to keep on going, no matter how fast or slow. The important thing is reaching the goal, which is getting closer and closer each day.
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