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In the morning we agree upon when to meet on the road for the scheduled drink bottle replacement stops and then we set off, me on the bike and her in the car. She will sometimes be behind, sometimes ahead, always looking for a photo opportunity, and checking to make sure I am ok. Drink stops are scheduled for around 50 km, so she I meet her on the side of the road and take a 10 to 15 minute break to eat some snacks and get my drink bottles refilled. Then its back on the road again. Once we reach our destination for the day we check in to the hotel, and carry up the bike and a ton of baggage to the room. I will upload the ride from my cycle computer and check out the statistics, then plug it in to get fully charged again for the next day. Then I will flip open the notebook and check in with the office and write a blog post. We will pop into town and have a meal and take a look around, then its back to the hotel where the routine starts all over again.
A typical day behind the scenes Posted on July 17, 2013 As you have probably noticed in the photos of my journey so far, I am not carrying much more than a couple of water bottles with me on my bike. But dont be fooled, I have a load of stuff with me on this mission, and great support holding it all together. My support crew is my wife Irina, who is following close behind in the car. She is doing an amazing job, and is just as important on this mission as the bike itself. Not only is she taking photos along the way, but she also does a lot more. Her job begins in the late afternoon / evening, when she washes the set of cycling gear I wore on the particular day, including my shorts, shirt, helmet and gloves. I have 2 sets of gear with me, so one can dry in the car during the next day. All the washing is done by hand - there are no washing machines available to us. The fresh set of gear is prepared for me to put on the next morning. She also lays out a fresh set of bibs to pin the shirt the next day, and also a printed backup map of the route, in case of total GPS and gadget failure.
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