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The simple fact that the wind was gone made the entire ride really enjoyable, I was able to cruise at 30 km/h again which was my original planned speed. The route today was filled with hills from beginning to end, some small and some big. I have absolutely no problem with hills at all, because with every up ther must come a down. And boy were there some downhills today. The best one of the day got me up to a speed of 70 km/h - what a feeling! The roads were very quiet on the second half of todays stage, and the scenery as usual was splendid. I reached Domazlice just before 13:00 so the day was a huge success. Theres more hills coming tomorrow, and I cant wait.
Day 9 - A day full of ups and downs Posted on July 16, 2013 It is hard to explain the feeling I had this morning, when I realised the wind that had been punishing me for the last 5 days had finally disappeared. It makes such a huge difference in effort, like constantly cycling uphill. Normally I dont mind some wind, but when it is 20 km/h its definitely not fun anymore. I started the ride an hour later than usual this morning, at 7am. This was because I was exhausted after yesterdays 190 km, and I didnt make it to bed until 21:00. To sum up the ride to Domazlice today in just one word: WOW! It was exciting from beginning to end. And that is because of two reasons: lack of wind, and lots of hills.
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