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Day 7 - Half way there! Posted on July 14, 2013 We spent the night in an old monastery that had been converted to a hotel, right in the heart of Gyor, Hungary. There had been a wedding party going on through the night in the courtyard, but I slept through it without hearing a thing. After having experienced so many problems with roads prohibiting cyclists, I managed to reroute my first 50 km to some side roads where bicycle paths were available. Thanks Google street view for that one. It wasnt the best surface for my bike, but at least it was a perfectly legitimate route. As soon as I passed the border into Austria, it felt like the road had turned to silk. So smooth and free of bumps, it was like paradise. And all of a sudden other cyclists started popping out of the woodwork, out on their Sunday morning training sessions.
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The rest of the ride was smooth, although the same nasty 20 kmh headwind was constantly beating me again. During the entire ride I was motivated by the thought of reaching a major milestone, the halfway point. From the next day on I would be counting the days left instead of the days done. I made it to my destination downtown by midday, so I spent the afternoon enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes together with my my amazing support crew, who also happens to be my wife.