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The stage was so flat that at one point I almost thought I was in Holland. What I did notice about is that the landscape is changing, and the arable Romanian soil seems to have mutated to sand here in Hungary. The geese dont seem to mind - there were a few free-range geese farms along the way. About 10 km before the finish the sign I was dreading turned up again, and with no alternative route I turned a blind eye and pushed on anyway. Traffic was minimal and so was the danger. All in all after 5 days I certainly notice a general level of fatigue in my legs that slows me down (especially on the hills), but I have no aches or pains or injuries so I am ready to keep going. Tomorrow its off to Gyor and the last night in Hungary. Headwinds are projected, but luckily no rain.
Day 5 - Slow but steady progress Posted on July 12, 2013 Today was as close as I will get to a rest day. I wanted to take it easy and not push hard. There are still many days to go, and I am entering my body into uncharted territory so I better look after it. I had spent an hour or so last evening trying to figure out whether I would need to reroute the Szeged to Dunaujvaros stage due to roads being blocked for cyclists. There was no real alternative route so I did some digging on the forums. Apparently not all of these primary roads have restrictions, but there is no list or accurate map available mentioning which ones can be cycled. So I decided to stick with the original plan and hope for the best. The first 70 km were on secondary roads anyway, so I knew I could ride them for sure. As I planned to take it easy today I planned to cruise at around 27 kmph instead of just over 30. But a steady wind coming in from the northwest told me a different plan. This persistant 20 kmph headwind accompanied me throughout the day, and slowed me down to just under 25 kmph. I took a few minutes break every 10 km - after all this was supposed to be my easy-going day.
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