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The day finished without incident, and I will get a good night of sleep to prepare for another biggie tomorrow - 176 km from Lugoj to Szeged. This will also mark my exit from Romania, and entry into Hungary.
Day 3 - Hello Heavy Legs Posted on July 10, 2013 I felt well rested this morning, and was keen to jump on my bike and continue the journey. But for some reason my legs felt heavier than on the first two days, and my progress was sluggish. The first 20 km were along the Danube with stunning views of the countryside dotted with Serbian towns across the river. There were loads of small uphills to contend with, including two category 4 climbs. The cat. 4 climbs are the least harmless of all, but today they were tough. Incidentally, it is an interesting story how the categories 1 to 4 for climbs was defined. Back in the good old days cars had around 35 HP and had trouble getting up some hills. If the car was able to make it up the hill in fourth gear, the climb was classified as a category 4. If it could only make it up in first gear, it was a category 1. Back to the ride, I finally realized why my progress was so slow. The first 75 km were slowly uphill for a total ascent of just under 500 m. I was relieved and looked forward to the second half. This was to be more of the same, but this time downhill instead of uphill.
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