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After dodging a few tractors and a combined harvester that were crawling along the country roads I made it to Pitesti. I took a wrong turn thanks to some dodgy course interpretation of my bike computer and lost around 6 km. That was a bit of a bugger because the last thing I want to do is cycle more km than are needed. After Pitesti came rolling hills which look great when you are in the car, but are a little more challenging on the bike. Luckily they were relatively harmless, but hill climbing is definitely not my strength. My wife Irina took good care of me and gave me fresh drink bottles every 50 km, and a lot of encouragement, which really helps. It was a great feeling of accomplishment as I entered the Slatina, my destination for the day. Tomorrow will be an interesting ride, as the weather forecast is predicting scattered thunderstorms along the entire route. Lets just hope they scatter around me and not on me. Other than that I have a tailwind, which will make up for any rain.
Day1 - Off to a good start with a few minor issues Posted on July 08, 2013 The weather conditions for riding this morning were perfect - dry, not too hot, and a slight tailwind almost all the way. After a few minutes fumbling around trying to get the live tracking started I was able to get down to business. The reason I started out at 6am was to avoid the traffic as I left Bucharest, so it was trouble-free as I headed out of the city. What I couldnt see when preparing my route was the condition of the roads, and my bike was beaten and battered for about 15 km outside of Bucharest. My bike rattled so much that the screws on one of my drink holders came loose and almost fell out, so I had to make my first pit stop of the day to tighten them up again.
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