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Much more can go wrong than just a puncture, so I also have some more items with me. My lovely wife Irina will be my support crew, following me by car. She will carry the following items in the trunk:
  • Toolkit: Everything I need for completely disassembling and reassembling my bike
  • Spare tyre: In case I rip my tyre to shreds
  • Brake pads: I will be using my brakes a lot on the downhills
  • Cleats: These attach to my cycling shoes, and are for clipping into the bike pedals
  • Bike computer: I need to know which roads to take every day, and I have a backup bike computer to guide me in case my main one fails.
  • Cleaning stuff: The bike can get pretty dirty, especially when it rains. Keeping it clean will ensure it will continue running smoothly.
  • Chain oil: This is to keep the moving parts greased.
If all else fails I have a very tight schedule, and I cant lose a day waiting for my bike to get repaired in a bike shop. To keep me on the road in this eventuality, I have a second bike with me. Its not a road bike, but a more comfortable (but slower) trekking bike. I can carry bags on the back, so even if the support car breaks down I will be able to carry all I need. Call me paranoid, but there will be no excuses for failing this mission!
Tools and spare parts Posted on July 04, 2013 I am hoping that nothing will go wrong on way from Bucharest to Düsseldorf, but you never know. I will be travelling as light as possible on the bike, and I will take only the most necessary pit-stop items with me. These are to get me back on the road if I get a puncture:
  • Spare inner tubes
  • Tyre levers
  • A pump
  • A puncture repair kit (in case I use up both my spare inner tubes)
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